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Syracuse NETS COVID-19 Update

As the severity of the emergency has become clearer over the course of this week, we decided to Cancel the Tip-Off Challenge March 28th. The healthy functioning of our community depends on all of us working together by reducing large social gatherings. Please respond how you would like your refund processed from the Tip-Off Challenge. 

As of right now, All Under 1 Roof April 18th & 19th & CNY Showcase May 16th & 17th are still scheduled. 


What is Club Basketball

Club Basketball (also known as Travel Basketball) is a chance for youth athletes to play on a team that competes against other teams, allowing them to develop/enhance their skills.  This ultimately enables them to become better basketball players.

Club Ball benefits each age differently.  For instance, high school youth athletes want to play against the best competition around and keep themselves in game shape throughout the offseason. Getting exposure is what all high school athletes are looking for to move on to compete and play at the highest level of play - College Basketball.  Events are limitless at this age and college coaches are looking to bring in new talent.

For younger athletes, Club Basketball is a good experience to get ahead of the pack and develop skills at an early age while having fun playing the sport they all love.

Club Basketball helps prepare our youth athletes that are looking to play for their middle and high school teams.

We have several teams with different skill levels. Our National, Regional and Local teams have different commitments levels and also have varying financial costs.