The Nets Basketball Club is without doubt one of the biggest and best basketball clubs in the Central New York area with over 33 teams from development squads at under 10 years old right through to a men’s league team. The club has been to the forefront of all that is good in the game since its inception in 2009, and there is no doubt that with the success of the club in 2010-2014. “The future of New York Basketball is with the NETS Basketball program”

A Club is born.
The name Syracuse NETS & BBA-NETS is synonymous with a list of honors and major achievements, a club that has represented up and down the East Coast and emerged at the top at many National Tournaments.

Packed with commitment, dedication, the fostering of personal development, a community spirit and active youth involvement, Syracuse Basketball had little or no facilities for the youth of the area. There were a few places to go and little to do for the young population of the area. (You have heard it all before).

Nets Team PicThe establishment of Nets Basketball Club in 2009 in the Syracuse area marked an entirely new departure for the boys and girls in the area. As with most noteworthy achievements, the establishment of Nets Basketball Club was due to the right man being in the right place at the right time. That man was a young MJ Munson who hailed from Syracuse on the Camillus border. MJ immediately noticed the shortage of facilities for the youth in the area and with the help and encouragement of a number of locals including the Lamphear’s, the Pocyntyluk’s, the Allen’s, the Ganto’s, the Smith’s, the Frank’s, the Clifford’s, the Drexler’s, Bishop Ludden, Boys and Girls Club of Syracuse, St. Ann’s, St. Charles, and St. Joe’s Parishes with many more created the Syracuse Nets Basketball Club that was about to be born.

The Beginning
The club officially started in July 2009 and during that summer basketball fever spread throughout the area and was jammed with new Syracuse Nets Basketball Club members. Then started the usual round of fund-raising i.e. raffles, can drives, etc. The money started to come in and thanks to “PSDT who still does our accounting” the club was able to get (4) basketballs, and (24) Jersey’s, and then the crucial question “the Clubs Colors”.

First Club Treasurer
When MJ’s idea came about he soon appointed Debra Lamphear to become the first treasurer of Nets Basketball Club. A special word of thanks is due to Debra for her wonderful work in setting up the club structure. The club actually grew to 112 members and 8 teams in the first year. Quite a lot of administration you will agree.

Club Colors
After much discussion and quite a lot of controversy it was decided that Royal Blue and Kelly Green was to be the color scheme. The first set of gear “Green” was bought from EBAY with No numbers. The first team to represent Syracuse Nets Basketball Club was put together by MJ Munson, Lou Lamphear, and Mike Pocyntyluk. They were a fit and physical bunch of 14 year olds who made up (2) teams and participated in the very first tournament together in August 2009. With taped on uniform numbers, and only Green Jersey’s, Both teams ended competing head to head against one other in the Championship game. It was decided reversible Jersey’s were going to be mandatory!

From the outset, The Officers and Board Members saw the club as a vehicle for personal and social development. Basketball, as they saw it was the glue which held the young members together, aided their socializing and the formation of friendships. It didn’t matter to them if the club never became the top club at all levels, but what really mattered was that the young people would enjoy their involvement with Syracuse Nets Basketball Club. To this day the motto for the club is “True teamwork is beautiful to watch and even better to experience”.

Syracuse Nets Basketball Club has through the years been the source of much enjoyment to its members, in particular those who joined the club right from the start and whose lives were an extension of their time in the club. If ever a club was to have an impact on a community, or a group of youngsters, Syracuse Nets Basketball Club was and its influence will last for years to come.

In Perspective.
For the NETS, the achievement of the entire club scene is not something which must be pointed to and held up as the showpiece of a great club. It was rather the achievement of the individuals who were involved. The NETS Coaches, speak of the hunger to succeed and how failure whets the appetite, frequent success has dreadful drawbacks and it is easier to achieve continued success if you have a certain degree of failure.. You learn more from defeat than you do from victory. Basketball is a sport for life. Part of the NETS philosophy is that a club, as part of its formula, must commit itself to a solid under-age program It must be pointed out however that a successful underage program does not have to be winning continually. A 60%-80% success rate will leave a hunger in the youth for victory at a later stage in their basketball careers.

A secured Future
Some new blood was also brought in at the committee level in December of 2010 and this was the signal for things to take off yet again. Prominent businessmen who just happened to be a parent of NETS players answered the call and came on board. Scott Gantos was to join the committee which also included such board members as MJ Munson, Deb Lamphear, Beth Lord, Lou Lamphear, Phil Allen, and Mike Pocyntyluk. It was felt that the girls underage section now under Scott Gantos, will thrive and be built to new levels with teams in every division. The boys section is stronger than ever, with new teams being add each year.

We showed what strength there is in the club as we have said in our intro to the club’s history, we will certainly keep proving that “Youth Basketball is with the NETS Basketball Club”

BOARD MEMBERS & Unit Directors

President/Boys Director 315-569-6023
Vice President 315-374-4207
Board Member 315-374-4206
Board Member/Girls Director 315-569-7887
Assistant Girls Director 315-380-5608
Assistant Boys Director  518-569-3574
Accounting  315-468-6533
Skill Training/Development  315-278-3775